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The Ogden Area Go-to Company for Dumpsters

Do you want to get rid of some junk from your garage or attic? Why not let one of the leading waste management companies in Ogden help out? Get one of our residential dumpsters from us and have all the junk removed from your property within the day. Do note that there are some restrictions on what you can place in our dumpsters: Examples include batteries, fluorescent lamps and tubes, flammables, acids, and biohazards, as they are not suitable for our landfill. If you have questions about disposing any of the above, please give us a call and we can assist with getting rid of these things safely.

Our Services

Commercial Dumpster Rental
Residential Dumpster Rental
Recycling Dumpster Rentals

Commercial Dumpsters

Not only will using one of our sizeable commercial dumpsters help your large-scale commercial project go faster, but it will also help to keep the worksite looking clean and professional by keeping litter to a minimum. If you have clients that show up on the site, our commercial dumpsters are perfect for maintaining a stellar-looking site.

Foreclosures and REO Properties

Dealing with foreclosures and REO properties will often result in a large amount of clutter, which needs to be removed from the property. Foreclosed homes may often look run down, ruining the aesthetic of the neighborhood. Renting one of our dumpsters will help you get the property back in tip-top shape very quickly. Your neighbors will thank you!

Restoration and Removal

Has your home been damaged by a disaster, such as a flood or fire? You need to move quickly to remove wet or smoke damaged property to prevent further damage being done to the house. Here at Canyon View Dumpsters, we understand the urgency of the restoration process, which is why we can have a dumpster at your property as soon as you need it.

Lawn and Landscape

The waste from lawn and landscape jobs can pile up quickly and containers provided by the city are often not enough. Don’t let your project get derailed by a lack of space for waste disposal; Canyon View Dumpsters can serve all of your lawn and landscaping waste disposal needs.

Demolition and Recycling

Whether you simply want to get rid of some drywall and carpet or you want to do a total teardown of a building, we can help with all of your demolition and recycling needs. We will gladly take materials such as water heaters, steel, copper, water lines, and steel beams from your demolition project.


When you are doing any sort of roofing project, there will certainly be lots of nails and shingles lying around. Keep the mess to a minimum and achieve maximum productivity with one of our dumpsters.

Rental Properties

Are you moving out of a rental property? Are you a landlord who needs to clear out one of your rental properties for a new tenant? Here at Canyon View Dumpsters, we can help you to simplify the process. Give us a call and we will arrange drop-off of an appropriate receptacle for your needs.

Construction Dumpster/Container Rentals

Canyon View Dumpsters can accommodate all types of construction debris, demolition debris, household waste, trees, dirt, concrete, roofing, scrap metal, e-waste and more. Our construction dumpsters are strong, sturdy steel & built to last. Our dumpsters/containers stand up to any unique waste management needs you might have. With professional drivers delivering, handling,
and taking away the waste created by your project, it’s important to us to make sure everything is taken care of so you can focus on the important aspects of your job.
We have a large fleet of construction dumpsters ready to be delivered and picked up when needed. Call CVD now to have your construction dumpster delivered today!

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